Sunday, September 11, 2011

Those Brilliant Terrorists

If their intention was to bring down Capitalism, they did not succeed.

But they sure made a huge dent.

Poking us in the eye with those big planes into our big buildings was enough to make a lot of fearful idiots get into a useless war, the longest one we’ve ever had after the one we’re still in, and spend spend spend to bankruptcy.

It was brilliant on the part of those hateful animals. They spent almost nothing. We spent the richest-country-in-the-world’s surplus.

Say what you want about those angry cave dwellers, they outwitted us. And now we are broke.

The mouse killed the lion. Maybe not killed. But hobbled for sure.

For the personal tragedy they wrought upon so many people in the Northeast on that fateful day, they must be considered nothing more than monster pond scum. Certainly.

But pond scum has its own intelligence. Otherwise, we would not even know what pond scum is because it would not have survived.

Bleach is a fine pond scum killer. Let’s poor bleach on all of them.
But let’s not throw another dollar in their direction. Momma needs shoes. Bridgework. And high speed trains.

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