Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I was walking in Central Park today after a busy bunch of stuff and I thought, “This just walking around is a good way to think up some new things.” Not that that was a new thought.

New York City is a wild distraction. On any given night you can go see 5,000 shows/whatnots. Really. I almost did the research. Okay, I did not. It just feels like that might be the right number, if you include every small club and movie theater and art shebang.

In order to get your stuff done, your internal stuff, you have to ignore these things. And you have to find a way to get into nature so you can slow down and have a thought that is not on the To Do list.

So, this is part of the discipline. To ignore the millions of bright flowers yelling, “Smell me! Pick me!”

What really feels primary to me is nature. This is not corny sentiment or a romanticizing of the bark beetle. If you are made of the same thing as water and rock and tree and squirrel, and you are, then you might as well go sit with them and calm down.

Usually, when the mind clears and you think about how you’ve been thinking, you think, “Man, that was a lot of chatter.”

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