Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Epidemic of Bald Vaginas

So this is what I found out tonight.

The young girls today are keeping it all shaved, all the way, all the time, down in their natural area.

I was surprised to learn this.  Not so much because I thought it was weird, but because it seems that I was the last one to know.

Trends are funny. I mean, I have had the same nest of hair (shrinking) and tattoo free body since the Sixties. I know, I know, hard to believe I've been around since then...but if you can't admit to a little bit o' the Johnson administration in your life, and you are a blog reader of mine, then you are probably lying.

But back to these vaginas. I would like to know---is it more about shaving or more about waxing?

And is it something that is smart to do so you can tell more what it is you are navigating into, a kind of practical practice? Or is it simply a sexy-visual thing?

Perhaps both?

God bless the vaginas. Whatever state they are in.

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