Sunday, September 16, 2012

Things that Still Unnerve Me

Street fairs with their obvious meats and textiles

Rap music with lyrics about kicking down Ho’s into the gutter

People complaining about their spouse, publicly, on Facebook

A group of tourists standing at a street corner, frozen, blocking, not caring

Clitorectomies of all kinds

Web sites that do not work on Google Chrome

Religion. Especially fundamentalists


Large young ladies in gay bars who assume they are loved

Pictures of greasy meals on Facebook


Airplane turbulence…no matter how safe they say flying is

Chewing gum

Aggression as dopamine enhancer

Honor Killings


Rejection letters

Jack hammering at any time of day

Mobile phone bills


Self righteousness


Old dried up peanut butter


Junk mail

Aggressive yellow jackets

Meeting someone that I want something from

French waiters in France

Sinus pain

Sheena Easton

Huge self congratulatory wedding announcements

Sea grass probably loaded with ticks

Assumptions about what I like

Victims who want special treatment and status beyond reinstated safety

Non-poverty-stricken Westerners who complain about what they don’t have

My nagging ego


Exposure to Western Light

Air pollution

The idea/lie that everyone is only an individual agent, that we are not all connected somehow

Probability of property claims on the Moon and on Mars

Outdated internet entries with erroneous information

Large cupcakes without flavor

Middle aged drunks

Horse farms

Lower back pain


Angry old ladies in Chanel-ish suits

Action movies with the same plot: Save the world and get the girl

Oily dinners out

The smell of puke

Persian girls in full face

Downloading one thing and something else, horrible, is piggybacked along with it

Gold neck chains



Anonymous said...

Is that all?

Dan said...

I agree with all but garlic. Thank you.