Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Book Soup: All the Ingredients You Need

Thank you, Book Soup, for hosting our event: TMI: Brutal Honesty, Embarrassing Transgressions and Why We Do This.

Vanessa McGrady read from her brilliant memoir, Rock Needs River, A Memoir About a Very Open Adoption.

Royal Young hosted!  Thank you Royal. You need to read his fantastic memoir, Fame Shark.

And there I was, too, with Bent But Not Broken.

With an intro by Book Soup's very own Sarah Bofenkamp!

You can order all our books from Book Soup.

Lots of curious citizens packed themselves in for a great night. We helped each other by reading characters within the stories. We answered questions. And our good friends up the street, Brent and Tim, hosted a party for us afterward. Thank you, guys!

That ends my book tour for the spring. But there's more coming. July 18 at 7:30PM at The Last Bookstore, Sit 'N Spin goes downtown: Summer Session: Books With Benefits.

I will be reading from Bent But Not Broken, along with with Maggie Rowe's Sin Bravely: A Memoir of Spiritual Disobedience, and Jacob Tobia's Sissy: A-Coming-of-Gender-Story, with music by Henry Wolfe.        

Buy tickets, because that's how this one is going to go!
(The ticket also gets you your choice of a book.)

Stay sexy and healthy,


Book Soup

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