Tuesday, November 12, 2019

A Body of Work: The Tour

Hello Friends.

On my book tour for Bent But Not Broken, I was lucky to have a reading in Minneapolis sponsored by the incredible literary magazine Rain Taxi. (I urge you to subscribe. It's smart stuff. Cool stuff. The editors, unlike the telephone call to Ukraine, are perfect.)

And now, published in Rain Taxi, is a piece I wrote: A Body of Work: The Tour. If I could write a whole book about my flailing penis, I could certainly write a short piece about the rest of my old body. Have a read!


In other enjoyable news: The audiobook of Bent But Not Broken has been recorded, edited, mastered, quality controlled, uploaded and is almost ready for purchase on Amazon and all the other places. It was all sort of exhausting. I mean, I like to talk and I have been spotted acting and singing over the years, but nothing takes as much stamina as reading a book out loud for two days. The trick was to really go word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph. Sounds logical, but you really have to not get ahead of yourself. The result was solid, recorded at Literati Audio. The pic below is not from stock footage, but from the studio where I recorded. It was sleek. These days, they can do anything. Except maybe stop the greedy guys from committing endless crimes-of-the-climate. We shall overcome. Right? Say yes. (The ultimate sin: Greed. It really encompasses all the other ones.)

Happy Holidays Soon!


Todd HellsKitchen said...

Glad to hear the Audio Book is waiting in the wings!

* said...

So fun to get a comment on a blog! So old fashioned, right? Remember when you and I and just six other people were posting on Al Gore's interweb? xoxo D