Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Friends of mine have read about NO CAR THURSDAYS.

I am happy to report that my good friend Dan, the intrepid LA wanderer, is getting on the bus on Thursday.
Bart, the happy pedestrian, is walking to work on Friday instead of Thursday...a great substitute action.
Jeff, the long distance traveler, is going to carpool on Thursday. This is a beautiful thing.

Countless others? Finding other ways to go.

They're all looking forward to Thursday...the day the sky gets a little clearer.
Call me a cornball, but please don't do it from your car.

Wishing you a Clear and Happy Thursday.

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Mr. H.K. said...

Never heard of 'No Car Thursdays'. But then, I'm a 'No Car Monday thru Sunday' kinda guy. Is this a California thing I wonder? Or a nationwide thang? Just wondering.

I wish Manhattan would become a No Car Anyday borough. Trucks could deliver and park and be req'd to be off the streets by 10am. Just natural gas busses... and trains. And bring back the street car! Rice-A-Roni and all.