Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Brokeback Boys

Hype is such a drag.

The movie, while exceptionally well acted, was kind of dull.

After the two lovers start going at it, the rest of the movie is about approach-avoidance, scene after scene after scene.

I cannot say I have any understanding of 1960’s gay love in Wyoming. Nevertheless, the whole thing seemed a bit false to me. But what the hell do I know about Rocky Mountain man love?

Starting with Annie Proulx, this entire project was set into motion with good intentions by well meaning straight people. But I just, I just, well, I just don’t feel like they really caught it. The real hot desire. The real paranoia of being found out.

Also, the romantic nature of the story seemed like a woman’s projection upon men. The sensibility, even though the guys wrestled and tussled and punched, came off just a bit too female in its “love”. Obviously, this movie was made for women, not for gay men. And like any movie that is made to please a certain audience, it lacks the mark of truth.

We must thank the critics for getting behind it, but frankly, the support might stem more from political consciousness than from cold eyed awareness.

But I am glad the movie was made. I did enjoy the short story when I read it back in the day. But I felt the short story, too, seemed a bit off.

Call me annoying, but there I am.


RebeccaW said...

Thanks for the review - that one is on my list. It hasn't opened here in the nation's capital yet. And I smell a rat. This being one of our biggest cities and the nation's capital and all, we normally get to see the early releases of stuff. I smell a rat. Censorship. I plan to go spend my $9.50 just to make a statement - even if the movie is dull.

HelenBach said...

Well, I loved the movie. I am, however, a woman so you may be right. But I did see it in Chelsea nestled in between a sea of men and although I didn't interview them I did here some sniffling here and there. I don't know, again, I'm not a gay man, and I did think it was a little slow moving but I also thought that that was the correct pace for the story. I just really felt like a little slice of life was portioned onto my plate that night.