Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Don't Make Me Reach Through the Screen to Do It For You

Friends, this is my friendly reminder, my public service announcement really, to nicely chide: BACK UP YOUR FRIGGING COMPUTER TONIGHT.

You can get a little fancy and rest easy by subscribing to one of the many online backup services--Mozy, Carbonite—in addition to ALWAYS having your files (all of them, docs, pictures, music, vids) backed up onto an external hard drive.

Look, you’re busy. I know. Even if it takes you a couple of hours to figure it out right now, just do it. I meet people all the time who blow out their hard drives and they lose everything. It’s disgusting.

Not to mention---if there is ever going to be nasty warfare, I have a feeling there is going to be some “major pulse” that magnetizes and ruins a lot of your digital stuff. It’s not a bad idea to be backed up in many ways, in many locations. I’m partially paranoid. But also, as someone who is on his computer fifteen hours each day, I have blown through at least five hard drives. They blow.

So back up, friends. Back up. Back up. Back up. Do it. It’s the new year. Start it right.

And make hard paper copies of your most important documents. Put them in a banker’s box. Send them traveling.

It’s time for peace of mind. Back it up.



Joe Jubinville said...

External storage is pretty cheap these days. I keep programs only on my internal hard drive. All files are saved to the external hard drive, and are automatically backed up to its twin (I have a pair of WD 1.5TB USB drives). Large-capacity USB drives are under $100. GoodSync is a best back-up program I've found... you can download a free trial at goodsync.com.

I think the drives are somewhat shielded as-is, but if they set off a magnetic pulse in my neighborhood I may have more urgent things to worry about - my microwave over for instance.

Anonymous said...

aha! i pity most folks who rely on external hard drives. This is a device that always sit next to your computer. in case of any fire, flood, theft, etc, you loss everything. have you ever thought about that? Not saying it's bad to backup on ext. hd but think twice. It's more safer on online. I am glad am accustomed to backing up online at www.safecopybackup.com and i've never encountered any hardship with this so far. You can also choose your own online backup service here; www.backuplineup.com.