Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mother China

It strikes me again and again that China, with its one party system, can decide what to do, do it and then do it some more.

As long as China subsidizes what it needs for material gain, we will always lose.

And we cannot stop them from doing what they are doing.

Some say it is getting more expensive to do business in China. How much more? Enough to bring manufacturing to Michigan and Ohio?

So here’s a mash up. In order for our aggressively capitalist U.S.A. to be competitive, it needs to go socialist on business development in order to truly compete.

While China acts as one nation of over a billion people, we are almost 400 million divided by ideological internecine fisticuffs—most of it in the form of obstructionist passive aggression by Republicans in the House and the Senate.

Stop your bullshit. You want something to focus on? Look at China.

If it’s so important to you to get your dopamine on by winning “the fight,” pick a different fucking fight.

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