Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten More Months

So, as Mitt wins and gets this thing sewn up, we then have to face this creature for ten more months.

He’s craven.

The Republicans are getting the candidate they deserve---a slick, greedy guy who would sell off his own mother.

I do not know why I wake up every day surprised by what most people desire: endless wealth.

Along the way…look, we know the morality tales…

I am very interested in hearing the insider cash stories that Mitt hath lived.

This is not because I am against big chunks of cash, exactly. I don’t care so much how rich someone is. I am usually more jealous about fame. Plus, I’ve never been hungry or unclothed or unhoused.

I look at greed in a way that is curious. Like, why would you want to be bothered with all that stuff? It seems like a huge responsibility.

I’m in my middle years and I often look around and wonder how I can get rid of the stuff I own now. It’s all a nuisance and gets in my way.

Politics seems a big fight about how money is controlled. Will it be a sharing game or a might-makes-right game? Or to give the Right their point of view, Will it be a merit game or a lazy-tries-to-take-it game?

I don’t understand, since this country is so divided right down the middle, why both sides can’t just agree that this-this-and-this we’ll share and this-this-and-this will be full-on free market stuff.

But then again, societies get more complex over time, not simpler. So drawing it up and saying, “Yeah, we’re going to settle on these two lists and move on to other things. Like solving energy problems and population problems.” Besides, people like to fight. Anything for a fight. Maybe it’s an adrenalin surge followed by a dopamine surge that people live for and the money is secondary.

A lion licking its paws after taking out a wildebeest.

I try to stay out of the way.

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