Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Give me Algae

When the plant they genetically engineer (in water, on land, or otherwise) that is used for photosynthesis to create the hydrogen gas to fuel our vehicles goes global, there will be such a shift in the world economy, such a collapse of the oil oligarchy (North American corporations, Russian, Arab and otherwise), that one would think a great peace could arise.


It is amazing that we are still, as a species, controlled by the thugs who control the greatest commodities. It’s all, “Who owns the corn in the silo?”---and it doesn’t change.

The current grand expression is the most expensive apartment on earth, at the top of the tower they are building in midtown Manhattan that you can see from Ohio, is going to an oil daughter.  Well, a conglomerate daughter. This is both bullying and frivolous.

But mostly?  It’s sad. 

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