Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Night in June

Gay Men and Women are filthy pigs. As are their allies. Sixth Avenue, West Fourth Street Station, garbage everywhere.  For many blocks in every direction. Are you proud?

Summer is over on July 5. One thinks of Christmas that is coming.

I declare all clichés null and void.

I don’t want to live in Brooklyn.

I find small children and dogs to be very sweet. Pretty much all of them. Except for the ones who scream, nonstop, while riding a scooter, for blocks, keeping pace with me, for over twenty minutes. Even if he clearly has a developmental disability, as do so many of them these days, because of the ubiquity of plastic, perhaps.

I was practically a vegan this week. This included eating a lot of peanuts. I did not lose one pound.

I farm on my windowsill. Currently edible: Lavender and parsley.  Just parsley, really, in any meaningful way.

My to-do list can inspire sadness. And I make this list. Do I wish myself to be sad?

I want to know what 3013 will be like.

I will work while failure seeks rest. And if I fail, I will have worked.

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