Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Wishes

You hate to have to hope for one kind of horrendous thing over another…but until the proof has been filtered out of the pudding, one can make an educated guess mixed with some wishful projection about the source of these explosions.

Because this awful terrorist attack happened on Patriot’s Day, was in Boston and possibly also caused the fire in the JFK Library, I believe that some very dark faction of the Tea Party is responsible for this. I think this faction is a group of just one Constitutional Conservative loony.  A payback for the entrenched liberal thinking that pervades Massachusetts.

I also would rather it be one right wing radical than another Islamic radical situation since I (though erroneously, probably) have this sense that the Islamic radicals are calming down and/or are being closely watched by our government.

Lastly, our sad violent country could be so much less violent. And we all know it. 

Boston, we love you. 

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