Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Coast to Coast

Many years ago, I moved to Los Angeles. It was just about six months after two friends  of mine from New York, too, had moved there.

And K said about the two cities:  “In Los Angeles, you can be the star. In New York, New York is the star.”

Well put. And so true.  New York takes over. Of course, it is very fascinating. But you do tend to feel swallowed up by the activity.

I, more cynically say about the differences, “If each city were to be described as a sin…New York is greed, Los Angeles is vanity. And I do believe greed is the greater evil.”

And I do.  You can laugh off vanity. Additionally, vanity changes with age. Sure, in absolute value it may never go away, but it does morph into different things---some of them with horrifying results---like foreheads that don’t move, suckerfishlips, etc. The vanity may fly off you and into your house or your garden.

Greed---however, usually just grows.

Lastly---can you tell I’ve had enough of this New York winter to the point that I would not mind clubbing every ground hog in Pennsylvania to its untimely death? (That’s a reference to February 2.)

Enough.  Now let’s get back to the real issue—the stock market…

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