Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In Switzerland...

In Switzerland, there is enough underground space and supplies for every single citizen so when the big bombs of nuclear waste or terrible chemical warfare arrives, people can go underground and live. This is a reflection of the reflexive collective of a moderate-to-right nation.  They agree that everyone should remain alive in the face of calamity.

If our nation had anything close to that kind of care for its citizens, there would not be all these young corpses scattered under that collapsed school in Oklahoma. I like Oklahoma. The people are, in general, agreeable, warm, friendly and unpretentious. But the ideas lodged in the minds of most citizens of red states of going-it-alone-with-no-one-but-family-and-Jesus, well, that kind of kills your kids. Underground tunnels are tougher than Jesus.

Why there would be schools without safe places for children to take shelter during tornadoes in a tornado prone area...it is hard to fathom. Take a lesson from the engineering, not-God-fearing Swiss. These tornado victims don't need prayers. They need infrastructure.

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