Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ten Things I Love Today

2. When Hannah (Lena Dunham) talks in GIRLS in very flat, declarative sentences whenever she is uncomfortable. She starts mad and blaming and often ends up hurt and crying. Yeah, that. Girls.

3. House Plants.

4. Sea to Shining Sea: California, The West, in general. The density of travel opportunities in the Northeast.

5. The middle class and all its average solidity. When it’s there.

6. Spinach. Noodles. Cheese. See 1 above.

7. All those good body things you’d rather not hear about from me right now.

8. France. Up, down, all around.

9. Didion, Beckett, Woolf, Nabokov.

10. Recorded music, more than live. Mostly without drums.


11. My friends, of course.

ENJOY your weekend.

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