Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ten Hunches

  1. There is no Right Wing equivalent to Karl Marx.

  1. There is no anti-Christ prophet with as much reach as Christ.

  1. Marx and Christ will be remembered because they were very clear and had impeccable timing.

  1. Both men were dogmatic and did not fully understand the human condition. But we need our extremists to point the way.

  1. Drug companies just make their prices up. It’s their way to suck money out of governments and insurance companies (since people can’t really afford the real high cost drugs).  Maybe, this is how our tax money goes to work. Though, the drug companies force this redistribution of wealth not unlike a band of thugs. It is organized crime. Don’t listen to their bullshit, no matter how much you believe in the right-to-profit, the right-to-freedom.

  1. Eating a lot of baloney at an awards ceremony followed by three slices of pizza is a terrible thing to do on a Monday night. Christ and Marx help me. (I don’t want to deal with the drug companies tonight.)

  1. There is no need for racism. But there is a need to have fun with different kinds of races. I would hate for my WASP husband to suddenly act like Beyonce—though he would love to pull it off, it’s simply not going to happen. Ever. (Okay, surprise me.)

  1. I believe in the Einstein adage about creativity being better than intelligence. Intelligence can feel very solidifying. But it often does nothing more than succeed at organizing the past into a narrative. It is comforting. And, communicating this narrative is helpful to others. But this approach will never grab at the larger possibilities. However, it makes us feel safe.

  1. See 10.

  1. Sometimes, you choose an even number by habit. But you may run out of things along the way. Always be ready to revise.

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