Thursday, March 05, 2015

Such Choices in the Infinite Universe

The Theory of Everything movie prompted me to finally read Hawking's A Brief History of Time which ended in my mind, naturally, with the two biggest questions of all that have plagued people since time immemorial, so I am not unique.

Why is there something instead of Nothing?


What the Fuck is infinity, time, space or otherwise?


And with those questions, this, fresh into my email inbox:

Hi ,
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Valerie Smith

So with that being considered, and knowing that I simply have no understanding of the WHY or the WHAT of our existence, if I had a particle accelerator held to my temple and I had to choose between marketing Axe or Pizza Hut, which one holds the greater cosmological allure?  

And is Valerie Smith  her real name?

How can the Higgs Boson, in its particle/wave brilliance, ultimately give us endless stench for adolescent boys and filthy, greasy colon cloggers for everyone? For eternity...

Onto String Theory. Which will, naturally, lead me to some string cheese.

Eddie Redmayne, if you weren't so cute I would not be so tormented.

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