Friday, November 18, 2005

Dan's Birthday


Seems like Picasa now has its own Blog interface and one can just say "TA-TA HELLO."

So, it was sort of ME, sort of HELLO that was causing me trouble. Isn't it interesting that it almost always takes two to make problems?

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, Happy Birthday to Dan Kaufman. He is now 41, filled with greasy food from Yemen. The restaurant was called THE MAGIC CARPET, which is pretty funny.

The woman who worked there was lovely. The man was kind of like a goat beater.

In attendance: Leslie, Jeff, Ramona, Chantal, Sarah, Bart, Adam & Don

Try to guess from the picture the names of the faces!

And Dan: Enjoy being 41. It's so prime!


Dan said...

Thank you so much for the kind words and induldging me in my world food tour of our city. I am glad you are my friend.

And to all the others, thank you too. Sarah - I loved hearing about Dr. Phil's stand-in. Jeffrey - the book on the history of Wilshire Blvd. is perfect. Ramona - sorry you got yelled at for brining me olive oil. Adam - although it kind of felt good, please don't touch me like that again. Leslie - thanks for putting up with my bad jokes. Me - think about the Rogaine again. Bart - I can't wait to eat your spotted dick.

Rebecca Waring said...

Okay, I'll guess. I know Don and Adam and Sarah so that's easy. From Dan's note about Rogaine I'm going to guess he's the one on the left in the glasses? Happy Birthday to a fellow Scorpio. I've always wanted to put faces to the names on this blog.

Dan said...

No, that's my brother Jeff. He's well beyond the range of Rogaine. I went around the the table in my post - so I'm next to Brown Shirt Bart.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

I feel like I'm looking at the Magic Mirror on Romer Room. I see Don.... I see Adam... etc...

41? Is ANYone 41 anymore? So young...


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HelenBach said...

Happy Birthday Dan!
What's the picture on the wall behind you all?