Friday, December 15, 2006

Spending Money in a Big City

My Recognized-by-the-State-of-California-Domestic-Partner, Adam, and I went on a binge today. We decided to rip out our old kitchen (Oh, how we’ve suffered) and put in customized cabinets (necessary, always) and all new appliances (most of the old ones are leaking water and oil).

The excitement is ludicrous.

First stop was a few miles south of downtown. This enormous cabinet place. They make beautiful custom cabinets for a price that is half most other places. All we had to do was get our asses there. Almost a full industrial city block of buildings sawing wood into future Trader Joe’s sundries holders, for the people.

Then, north up Alameda, through downtown, through Chinatown, up San Fernando Road to the Sears in Glendale to go appliance wild. Say what you want about Glendale---the whole city is worth the appliance department at Sears. One guy did the fridge. One woman did the washer/dryer. One fresh Armenienne did the stove, dishwasher and garbage disposal. Everyone was very friendly. And there was the big sale. Plus, we don’t have to pay anything until February of 2008. That’s a lot of free meals.

After ordering all this stuff and feeling elated with the purchases...all we got to go home with was the garbage disposal. It sits in the garage.

Walking the dog tonight and feeling the endorphins still pulsing, I heard the usual rustle at the corner near the opening of the storm drain. It was one of the friendly neighborhood raccoons who lives in the drain. He (or she) often pokes up to say hello when I’m with Louise. Raccoons, no matter how annoying, are very cute.

Lucky for Los Angeles. Lucky for the new kitchen stuff. Lucky for Louise and the raccoon.

I can’t wait to grind garbage in the bowels of my new sink.


Anonymous said...

We can't have a garbage disposal, bad for the septic system.

Rebecca Waring said...

I once installed a garbage disposer. I learned the difference between "plumber's putty" and "caulk". Big difference.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Before and After Pictures, Please!