Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Dying Dog Show

Louise, our dog, has cancer. We’ve known since March 7. Attached to her heart, a tumor is growing.

For months she has had a cough because the tumor has pushed into her trachea. During the same period of time she was bloated because her hepatic vein (from the liver) was getting backed up because the heart wasn’t working too well.

During the last few weeks, she has lost her bloat, stopped coughing and seems to be her old self. I kept saying, “She’s in remission, or something.”

We went to Mexico, returned, and the pooch looks even better. Like nothing is wrong, at all.

While sitting next to her, I was petting her neck and I felt a lump and then I grabbed the lump and it was about the size of a large plumb. And it had a beat.

It’s the tumor. It has fallen. It’s this big lumpy tumor that you can grab and hold onto and feel her hearting beating right through it since it is attached there.

How great is it to have your huge tumor fall forward and then you stop coughing and your liver can work again and you feel so much better?

These are times to celebrate. My dog’s tumor has fallen.


Cheryl said...

Intense and wonderful (the post and the news).

Todd HellsKitchen said...

And, boy, is she happy to see you!