Sunday, July 19, 2009

Money Talk

Things are going to get almost bullish.

There is talk of recovery.

Obama is getting strong and tough.

People are sick of the unemployment and the endless hot dog dinners. And the cycle is about to turn to rosier times.

As monkeys, we really are creatures of the moment. Sure, we plan. But our emotional reactions are quite mammalian, no different than that of a cow or a badger. We respond to current clues. So it is hard to imagine a “cycle”. We aren’t really wired to emotionally understand them.

But at some point, and that point is soon, the wheel turns to the new numbers and colors.

Brace yourself for the recovery. It’s coming. Put down that jug of 4.99 wine and get on your work boots. There is stuff to do. And the new stuff, we think, will be cleaner and more efficient.


40licious said...

A new Darwinsim will come, and those who merely coast will be kicked to the curb, and then kicked again into incoming traffic. Those who survive will thrive. They've got bionic skills in being resourceful. Reward and punishments will follow.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Ahhh, optimism!

John B said...

Wait -

I must be built for recession. I like hot dog dinners (guess what we had last night?). I also notice that we don't live any differently than before; we lived like churchmice before the recession.