Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weekend Slider

1. I have made $8.75 from my Ads on my blog via Google Adsense. It just took three months!

2. Friends, after six years of allergy shots, I am finally done. It is time to celebrate one less maintenance-y thing in my calendar. Pass the Claritin.

3. I still like to play the guitar.

4. I do not understand why poorish people (and I include the middle class in this one) are Republicans. I was at a birthday party tonight at a penthouse overlooking all of Manhattan. These people were Democrats. Why are the swanky people so happy to give money away (of course, they’ll have lots of money anyway, no matter what the government takes) but the poorer people are so terrified of ever being at the receiving end of this largesse?

5. From up high in New York, you can really see the capitalism. I understand why the poor drink. It is very stressful to be poor.

6. I would have no problem living in a penthouse. But isn’t it weird that the plumbing vent pipes come up right through the patio? Not something I would want.

7. I am getting used to the humidity. You just have to not mind being sort of filthy.

8. There are many sensitive, creative, smart people on earth. You just have to wait.

9. I want a dog.

10. But does a dog want me?

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