Monday, October 17, 2011

Dreaming of Notre Dame

Some scientifically far fetched stuff, religiousy, paranoia-y, that is true-ish has come to light and demands more inspection.

Comets from the past that hit the earth have the same percentage makeup of elements that make up our proteins. So, Ron Hubbard, with his wacked idea of original sin coming from outer space and zipping into volcanoes…is not so far off. He might have “felt this” to be true. So Scientology, though wacky, might actually be “a hunch” that has some truth to it. Of course, they went too far with the story.

Sitting on a bus in the 1980s when AIDS was in full blown hysteria, I overheard a pair of African Americans who insisted it was a government plot to kill Blacks. Of course, this is not exactly true. But it was vaccination techniques in colonized Africa, according to an article in The Times today written by Donald G. McNeil, Jr., that caused a virus multiplier scenario. So perhaps the paranoia I witnessed in that bus bound for Jersey had some basis in truth.

We all feel things. Then we make stuff up. Maybe we shouldn’t make stuff up, even avoid narrative in general, and just try to talk about what our hunches are, specifically. We should all be more hunched and less rigid.

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