Tuesday, October 25, 2011

There's Something About Married

You know, you wake up one morning and you’re married for almost a week and something is different.

No, it’s not just the dog that won’t stop barking, ever. Though, that is a surprising twist on what we thought our prize hound was going to be.

No, it’s this feeling of permanence. And I know that sounds silly---because I hear that people get divorced all the time. But there is a collective conscience around marriage that says…’til corpse do we roll.

And that is the tradition. That is the traditional marriage feeling. And you feel it. And it’s cool.

Now, why would anyone want to deprive a gay guy or a girl-on-girl girl of this feeling?

Not to be all self righteous here…

The day to day, ‘til it’s over. Enjoyable.

Now, today, I have a cold. Tell everyone to stay away. Except for my husband.

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