Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Don't Want to Fight, Ever

I have posted this before. Time for it again. This is the time of year for choirs and stars and harmony.

It is so dark outside it reminds us of our blindness, before we could see. Or of death, the after-time. So sleep, sleep.

So many people have trouble sleeping. I never have. I do hope it is not because I wish death. I actually do not. But I am happy to take breaks from living.


I am more for harmony than anything else in music. Some people like drums. I find them grating. Some people like a good hook (melody). I do, too, but not as much as the play of notes against each other.

I wonder why this sort of musical focus is not more popular. But then...I like physics, France and pared down rooms.

It's good to see all these people who like it, too, singing with their earphones on. You have to find your people. Which is kind of great and kind of sad. People end up fighting because of their differences.

Oh ancient amoeba mother and bacterium Dad, was it always like this?

Funny---the convention in most writing is to find the conflict and then duke it out, covertly or overtly. And I do this.

So maybe I am doing the ol' "I'm so this'" when really "I'm so that" and want to be so this.

Never trust what anyone says about themselves in long form. They are usually the opposite and their mouths are trying to find the balance.

So maybe, maybe, I want to fight all the time.

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