Monday, December 19, 2011

Three K(C)oreas

Now that His Most Bizarreness is dead, what will become of North Korea? A third generation dictatorship?

Hm. Sounds like the kid might not have the stuff.

I recently caught myself saying to a conservative friend of mine, “I’d give up democracy for a benevolent, intelligent king.”

I meant it.

But that must be because a very stupid part of me desires simplicity. We have evolved as a species to have collective power, not top down power, especially not top down from one lunatic.

But what bearing does any of my thinking have on North Korea? None, really. I mean, those people never heard of me. Furthermore, I do not have anything unique to offer.

We all hope, I imagine, for reunification of the two Koreas with the south in charge. Would it not be wonderful for a nation of oppressed people to suddenly have freedom, to join their former countrymen in a peninsular embrace and maybe have consistent access to food?

All the military has to do is give up its allegiance and join the south. How hard can that be? Pride is stupid and wants to attach itself to the winning team. The old northern way is the losing ticket. On the other hand, is there not some embarrassment you would have to get over to suddenly become a citizen of a country that manufactures all those ugly rental cars?

I would like to make a pun at this point about Chick Corea*…however, the stretch would be outrageous and I am not that limber.

*I just found out that Chick Corea is a Scientologist. This world is confusing. Ah, choice…

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