Thursday, December 08, 2011


What is strange about these Obama years is time is moving so slowly.

The Bushy wars and the general loathing in his direction kept things bouncing along speedily.

The Clinton years, well, they were all about money, startups, sex and possibility. Plus, those were young days. They flew by.

People say as you get older time moves more swiftly. I think that depends.

When there is stagnation, there is a pall. I do not blame Obama for this pall. It all started with Reagan and now look at us. A bifurcated society. The middle ground decimated. Without a middle, the engine is missing a few very important gears. Then, the whole thing doesn't spin much, the tiny wheels have to do so much to get the big ones going and it just seems impossible and exhausting. Time slows.

Looking forward to the filling of the center. Picking up the speed. It’s more fun to move lightly and briskly.

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