Thursday, April 05, 2012


We saw ONCE tonight.

Deal is, we love the movie. The simplicity. And they did not muck it up beyond atrocious. Though, they did change the “Girl” role into a plucky pixie savior in a much more obvious way than the movie did. Like Santorum, the powers-that-be mucked with the integrity of the woman more than the man.

Remember when you used to say, “I loved the book. The movie wasn’t as good?”

Now it’s, “I loved the movie. But I didn’t like the musical as much.”

The play grew on me by the middle of Act II. It’s always fantastic to hear extremely talented musicians musish.

The actors on stage played all the instruments, and well. Steve Kazee and Cristin Milioti as the leads were lovely, if not really in any way that hot for each other.

The new musical arrangements worked well for a live audience. I did not enjoy the silly dancing here and there…part River Dance, part Spring Awakening.

Is it worth seeing? I don’t know…  It’s slow. Maybe a little too slow. I actually would not have minded the slowness had the director and writers brought out more of the true dilemma of these two…which would be real vulnerability in a tough world and the tough situation they have with each other, not being available for relationship while falling in love. The writers (producers?) forced gag lines into the first act, pandering to the audience, which did not help to develop the tone they needed to make this truly effective. Sad, that.

There were some really bad jokes about potatoes and other Irishy stuff. Too bad. Wasn't needed at all.

But I don’t go to musicals for the play or for the acting, both of which are often cartoonish. It’s about the music. And in this case, the music is pretty superb so I am glad I went.

And since I am 3/8 Irish, I feel these sorts of things in a real way. At least I feel about 3/8 of it.

Ultimately, the movie was better. But you knew that even before you started reading this.

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