Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Buncha Shit on Monsoon Wednesday

Today there was a monsoon.

I am covered with flea bites and I don’t know why.

Apartment hunting. To buy. Lots of paperwork. Give me trees.

Small children are so small.

If people would stop wanting so much, well… I guess I would not finish typing this sentence…

Yoga is necessary if you want to stop all this aging nonsense. It’s the tight muscles that yank you into wretched tired deformity.

Fresh Oregano growing on the window sill.

I am all for money. I am all against money that just sits there.

Fat pens really are the way to go.

Merry Christmas….somewhere in the universe.

My parents are young. In their early seventies. They have been around since I was born.

Tennessee Williams wrote so many plays. He always went for it. I prefer him to our sober moralist logician, Arthur Miller.

I sometimes piss people off. But then they like me because I wasn’t afraid to do just that. Fuck it.

I am all about hanging out in natural dog areas. Maybe that’s why I have flea bites.

All my old friends are beautiful. Allah be praised.

I prefer coffee ice cream on my waffles, in general.

Sex is overrated, unless it’s really good.

People are really fat for a reason. Because the first caucus every four years is in a corn state.

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