Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Problem with Wealth: Oh to Renew

The problem with wealth is it is so often self-protecting and self-serving.

Though, without it, there would be no capital for great works.

So…what do we do with the wealthy people? We must encourage them to take risks. Measured risks, but risks nevertheless. Go on hunches. Strong good hunches.

And they will lose sometimes. And they do. And losing sucks.

If I were extremely wealthy, I do not know exactly what I would do with the money. I don’t think about it too much.  I probably would keep making things, but at a higher level in its material expression. And I would buy a little apartment in Paris. I do not know if I would be drawn to helping others. Maybe. But probably more with my time than with my cash. Or maybe I would set up a foundation….but somehow streamline it so foundation seekers could apply in just five minutes.


Money does not stop death.
It does not create real love.
It can shield and give joy…to a point.

I tend not to organize the cash in my wallet by denominations. I like to feel like it’s all loose and you just sort of pick and grab at it as you need to.

There was a time when people thought lots of money was a sign of great spiritual advancement. Now, that fad has faded. And dust bowls are forming. And people aren’t working. (But the Occupy Wall Street people have seemed to move on, too. Why?) Nothing changes much. People push cash upward…it’s the engine that keeps us all moving. And while we push upward, we hope to land in an upward position.

I guess if I had a ton of money…I would put it all down on renewables. Yes. That’s what I would do. And my time. Maybe I should simply do that now. Photovoltaic batteries. Think outside the box for it.

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