Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Love Mitt's Peevishness

Oh how Romney wants to be The Decider!

The guy is so upset that Obama is telling the truth (mostly) about him. The Democrats have learned the filthy rules from the Republicans: attack at all times. And now the Dog-tied-to-the-roof guy wants to engage in a gentleman’s game only?

I love when the super entitled can’t believe that someone is looking right in their face and telling them what they are.

I have no problem with people being super rich. Go ahead. Be super rich. But don’t lie about how you did it. And don’t get so peeved when someone points out how you did it.

It’s a global economy and maybe what Romney has done has all been legal. But so once was slavery, women not having the right to vote, child labor…and those turned out to be bad ideas.  When you do something that is legal, but it’s a bad idea---you simply end up paying the piper.

It’s legal for me to go to Thailand to have sex with children, but you don’t see me doing that. It’s simply against my nature and not the right thing to do, either. So I will not do it. I will not send my money offshore. I will not outsource any jobs I create to other countries. I will do the best I can and I know there will be limits to how it all turns out.

People don’t need that much in order to be happy. Apparently, an income of 75K/person is the line where anything more is not necessary for joy. Let’s find some proportion, friends.

Mitt: You can’t have everything. And probably not the presidency. 

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