Monday, August 20, 2012

August Thoughts

The fight in politics and in religion and in education, all systems, is age old: the false thought of the separation between the material and what is in the mind. Which one is more important, how each are cut up and who gets what causes so many problems. It’s damn Cartesian, this split.  But Spinosa wacked that shit back. Thus the Enlightenment.  And here we are, post enlightenment, and the stupidity of the pre-Spinosa period still rages.

Making movies about disenfranchised folks when you are sitting around in your booj slacks is ultimately exploitive. Maybe. Perhaps it helps. But I am more likely to do less if I see a movie about someone downtrodden. I figure they have at least recently eaten some craft services.

Boys are without a doubt the sex symbols of today. You can barely see a hot young woman on a billboard any longer. It’s all boys. Because they can dish it out AND they can take it? A pole and a hole for everyone? I don’t know. I think young girls are feeling it.

I love coupons. For certain things.

Freedom is an illusion. Cargill owns your fat ass. Put down that soft drink. Grow avocadoes.

The coolest town, it seems, is London. Though Scranton comes close. Right?

This east coast is overrun with deer. We need more wolves.

I need a unifying theory. And Adderall?

Can we give Monsey NY back to the Munsee speaking Lenape Indians? Corn, beans and squash are more useful than suburban squalor.

If you haven’t yet read Mencken’s The Libido for the Ugly, Google and enjoy.

Give New York City back to the beavers! Bloomberg needs a pelt!

Walking really matters. Go local. Walk.

Must we?

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