Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Old Sperm

A recent study in Scandinavia has made a connection between older sperm and children with Autism (and possibly Schizophrenia).  As men get older, the mutations in their sperm increase. This gives rise to autism and other developmental disease. It is not from momma. It’s from grizzled dear OLD dad.

This is fine and all---but what is causing all these mutations?  Is it simply age? Or is it the result of the increasing amount of time spent on a toxic planet? Do the children of old daddies in Papau New Guinea have an increased risk for brain development problems?

My guess---the more plastic in your life, the greater your sperm mutations.
The more preservatives in your food, the greater your sperm mutations.
The more fire retardant in your couch cushions, the greater your sperm mutations.
The longer you are exposed, the greater your sperm mutations.
And they will NEVER be able to test for all this in the general population.
But you can’t ask the fire retardant lobby to back off because that’s not good for their business. Why, oh why can’t people just change what they do when they find out what they do is harmful? You use the same skill set to do so many of the same things. Just transfer across.

Poison will eventually destroy a species. It does not matter where the poison comes from. Even if the species itself makes it. 

I’m sure my sperm would give rise to nothing but a blabbering armadillo headed pants-shitter-into-eternity obsessive hand washer at this point.  Or maybe since the beginning of my time. Back in the 70s, my brother and I used to play on the bags of fertilizer outside my grandparents’ apartment in New City, New York. There was nothing else to do but watch T.V.

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