Monday, August 13, 2012

Good Ol' Brazil

What I don’t understand is this idea by the Right that a functioning government takes away freedom. What on earth would they want to do with your freedom?

Surely, the government wants to tax you, since you are doing business on their soil, and this is pesky. But this is not a freedom killer.

If I have to choose between corporations making most decisions for me, who only have shareholders’ interest at heart, and a messy government, which actually does have the populace’s interest at heart, because a successful, functioning populace fuels that very same government, well, I’ll take the government.

I once sat at a dinner and this violent prepper-conservative went on and on about how Obama is a socialist who truly hates America and wants to see it destroyed. It was a scary display of loathing and righteous attack. I could only see his thumping as the projection of pure paranoia. Something must have happened to him that was so traumatizing, he had to place it upon a man, a party, something that scares him.

This terror of government, the folks who bring you water, highways, regulate your cheap electricity, try-as-they-might to give you affordable healthcare throughout your life, protect you as best they can from terrorists, wage all sorts of negotiations with hundreds of countries around the globe in your best interest, why would you want to dismantle that? So you can pay less taxes and spend that extra money on pizza pockets and corn syrup based soft drinks? (Two representative examples of what corporations want to give you.)

Friends, there is a cult of greed in this country. And it causes inflation, greater and greater class divisions and uneven distribution of education and health care. This is the formula Brazil used to live by.  But even Brazil has given it up.  Can we not, at least, be as forward thinking as Brazil?

It is easy to acknowledge that lazy people do not do their fair share and this can make one wince at anything collective. But if you really look at the numbers, there really aren’t that many lazy people. My fair shake to the Right Wingers---I am all for gathering up the lazy people and sterilizing them or forcing them into compulsory homosexuality with no possibility of parole. Why continue the generational malaise? But starving them to death by feeding them poisonous corporate foods, killing them with your corporate prisons, your lack of health care (because corporations want to make money off the sick more than they want to help them) and horrendous schools that teach nothing but test taking skills (because corporations only believe in math and knowable processes), wouldn’t it truly be more humane to just snip out their gonads? And the government can pay for it.

A vote for Romney-Ryan is a vote for 1950s Brazil.

The economy still isn’t great. But maybe that’s what happens when you hit a certain density of population and you run out of the best stolen land.

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