Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Health, Money, Everything Else

I prioritize by making sure I am basically healthy, have some money rolling around and then...everything else.

I wish I lived in a democracy that would reflect my way of thinking.

But here, in the lower 48 and everywhere else we hang our flag, money comes first. And with that---comes illness.

Illness for the planet. Illness for human beings. Because the priority is simply wrong.

I do believe that Obama did the right thing by laying down the new "Fuck-You-Carbon" law. But it is going to be complicated. States will not meet the requirements. And then what? The state goes to jail?

Obama is cagey. He understands in our horrendous divided country that letting states do their thing is the way to go.  Eventually, we will have single payer (or close to it) healthcare.  Eventually, we will have a single system of cap and trade for Carbon and other horrors.  But to get there, he had to let the states have their little ways.

And that is the pain of democracy. Especially one that does not reflect my good scientific and humanitarian instincts.

Look, I am all for money. Lots of it for everyone. Sure. Let it rain coin.
But if you are dead, how will you ever spend it?

Clean up this air, these rivers, these oceans, the damn subway platforms. Clean it all up. We have the technology to do this today. If you work for a big coal company, just spend some time figuring out how to do something entirely different.  The closing of 550 coal plants is not going to cause the End-Of-Days. Frankly, gorgeous West Virginia could become a Safari Park of wild beasts. Do that, West Virginia. Learn how to care for your land. Get healthy, you Scots-Irish-English-German friends of West Virginia. Money will show up. And then, you can do everything else.

Health first.

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