Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 11, some Truths, now. At least on this End

As you get older, it simply can't be all about you. That will make you sick.

The climate change reality has pretty much subsumed the deniers. The deniers are quieting down---as their cows and kids are being sucked up into tornado funnels. Whatever it takes...

True Capitalists, like mean teachers, try to separate everyone so they have no power, are completely alone, and yield all their energy to the leader. Don't let those bitches separate us. I Love You, Sheila! See you after school to figure out our plan!

Transgender Rights are on the rise. God Bless the Transgenders. (Only one of the nouns in that last sentence has been truly known to exist. Enjoy this empirical truth.)

I believe in dogs. But I won't do it! I won't! I don't care how intense my dogbido is.

People make fun of fame seekers. But when all the jobs go away because Google has automated everything, the only people who will feel connected are those that are witnessed by others DOING something. Keep filming and sharing.

I also love goats. But they eat everything in an apartment.

My Right Wing friends have left me alone on Facebook. Thank goodness. "Love ya, you bunch of Mussolinis, but I'd rather raise the minimum wage and give away free health care that we richer types can easily pay for than listen to your hatred and fear of people with fewer resources than you have. People can't become self starters when their untreated yeast infections are larger than their loaves of bread. Yeah, I just made that up and it is disgusting."

High Speed Rail!  Say it ten times to everyone you meet.

My neighborhood park is loaded with Ground Hogs. The Real Estate Agents should call this area, "UBilMu" for Upper Bill Murray.   We're here all week. Is this thing on? How's the prime rib?

My goldfish, though a fine animal, is not very affectionate. I feed her anyway. Love the cold blooded. Why the hell not?

I need to eat more peanuts. If not just because I like them, but to save the kids.

Plastic. It is plastic and chemicals that are destroying our gametes (eggs and sperm) and that is why the nervous systems of so many children are whacked. You don't think we're a delicate species? Why not? Why don't you think that?

My husband's shoulder is way better. Shoulder season is almost over.

Hillary in 2016. Come on now.

Must switch back to a Mac. Egad. I've been whipsawed by platforms for years. Can't face it.

Limes are more expensive because of supply and demand, not because of taxes. Get it, yet?

We're going to Sweden shortly. It's all about Midsummer. Sad to fly. Why do we fly? Why aren't we sliding to Europe on magnets?

Water. Water. Just think about this: We are made of water, mostly. So every day, when you wake up, think about every action you take and ask, "What does this do to the water?"  If you worry about the water, more than anything else, the air will end up being taken care of, too. And the land. The water is where it all gets mixed.





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