Monday, June 16, 2014

Syria- Slee?

It's pretty wretched and it's all getting a bit Hutu Power around those northern parts of Iraq.

Frigging lunatics.

You know, there may be a water shortage and there may be all sorts of other problems, both present and historical...but why, oh why, do we still resort to violence?

Being the super power sucks. We Americans have to do all this crap all over the world so we can continue to enjoy our cheap cotton T-shirts in peace. Sure. Fine. That's what we do.

But give a man a/teach a man to fish, right?  When are we going to teach these damn people how to fish? I think maybe never. Maybe, they are not teachable.  That killing is not the answer.

Plus, what do we know about Jihad, really, except that our violent Protestant and Catholic ancestors loved to go at it for decades at a time.  But they came to their senses, slowly but surely...the last sputtering stupidity in Ireland. (Well, like all these things, it wasn't just a religion thing.)

Friends in the Middle East, if you can hear me: Stop killing people. It doesn't work. It doesn't work. It doesn't work. Like putting sugar in a gas tank or beer in a baby.  It's insane.

Why not this?  As soon as some group of people decides to go on a rampage...instead of us going in to protect...why don't we just drug them all with sleeping gas?  Just slow them down...then, while they are sleeping, we can brain wash them. Or lobotomize. Something.

All these centuries as homo sapiens and we still didn't get it right. Damn our luck. It's sickening. And to just stand by and say, "Oh, that's how we are. We go to war," is just cynical and pathetic.

New Way of Doing Things, Please.

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