Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Aged Know

Getting off the subway tonight, way uptown to go home, it was about 11:30PM

So everyone was rushing, still. Like the madness of lemmings. Getting off. Wanting to get to their apartments.

And there was this older man. White Santa hair at half length. White beard to match. Not too long. He was walking with a cane, slowly up the stairs.

People were rushing by him. Anxious to get up the stairs. Cool. We all know how it is to want to frigging get home.

And there he was, this Santa type...with the best part about him being the look in his eyes. I caught his look. I liked it. I didn't click any like button.

He was a bit worn out but very aware. It was his awareness. Maybe he has always been very aware. Maybe he has become more aware with age. Maybe the cane did it to him.

But I liked the look in his eyes more than anyone I saw all day.

He could notice things because he was going slowly. It was exciting to watch him take everything in. I know he saw me see him. We enjoyed a two second acknowledgement of how nuts and harried people are.

We're all headed toward this older self.

Why aren't people practicing this way of looking--in preparation? Or just in general.

I am sure he made it home just fine. He was really paying attention.

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