Monday, September 08, 2014

The Blog Did Not Die

Hello Blog Friends,

No, Open Trench did not die. What happened, as if I haven’t already inundated you enough with the fact, is this:

It took five weeks, every bit of my middle aged muscle, the last bits of coin I had in my wallet and most of my nerves. But it took. And it is booking like hotcakes at a 1940s autumn fair. So though I could complain, instead I am going to say, “Tell your friends and neighbors and production companies.”

The blog continues. I am back online.

What was interesting is for most of July and August I did not read any news. Now that I have picked up the paper again, what the fuck has changed? Nothing. A few dead people that used to make some people laugh. The Islamic movement got an acronym. The Russians got more aggressive.  Shit. Humans. Are they really worth writing about?

I look forward to a bland news season. I imagine myself, two hundred years after my death, saying, “Finally, the Middle East has become Paramus, just like everywhere else, and people are too busy shopping to give a shit about their differences.”

Chant for Pan-Paramus.

And for rain in California.

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