Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What I Want for Christmas

I was informed by my nephew that certain stores are already gussied up for Christmas.

Are pumpkins and scarecrows and witches losing the respect they deserve?

If Christmas can start this early, I say, bring on Easter in November. Show Christ being born and crucified all in one Seasonal aisle.

The smart money is on Christmas, I imagine. These marketeers know what they are doing. And maybe the decorations will help with retail's consistency, spreading the profit over three months. Of course, January is doomed.

Poor January, the month that everyone forgot. Maybe we should leave the decorations up and have a late-to-the-party sale. Or think of it like a thirteen episode show on Netflix that is released all at once. You can choose when to watch.

And with that on order, maybe just have Christmas run right through to May where it will put out its last light as the barbecues and air conditioners fill up the stores.

When I was young, I would have been happy having Christmas all year long. I loved the color and the warm feeling. It was exciting. Or, I was excitable. Either way, Christmas never marred my mood.

So bring it on. A Nine Month Christmas, every year. Don't we owe it to Christ? That little narcissist?

And now, Here's Lucy.


(What would the Vatican think of THIS gay ol' thing?)

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