Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Deanna and Me, Together Forever?

I have a secondary email account I use mostly for these three things:

This blog.

Uploading YouTubers.

Sending drafts of plays-books, etc. as a third level safety backup spot.

Somehow, someone by the name of Deanna Cummings, set up an appleID using that email address. She probably punched it in by mistake, realized it, and then moved on to another Apple ID that is useful to her.

However...once you create an AppleID, it is almost impossible to get rid of it.

So now, this Deanna and I, are connected and I keep getting messages that she has attempted to enter my Apple ID, etc.  But it isn't even my Apple ID.


So, I did a search for someone named Deanna Cummings on Facebook, sent her a message to please delete her AppleID...however, she isn't even going to be able to do that, poor thing, because Apple doesn't delete AppleID's.

So now--I am connected to her forever?

Annoyance number 247 of the modern era.

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