Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Let Go, Honeys

Stop trying to control everything.

Do not not serve gay people because they are gay because of your religion.  This suggestion holds especially true for emergency room staff.

If a storm is coming to town, and it happens to be entering an area that receives vectors of weather from all directions, North, South, East and West, like New York City does, then it makes no sense to call the game before it even starts.

If you do not believe in government, you should leave the United States since this country actually has a government. If the government isn't submitting to your dogmatic views, especially those of the constitutional conservative kind, it is because there are other people who voted for other things and we sort of live in a democracy. There is nothing you can do about democracy but make your voice heard, and then stand back and be in a little pain because things are not always going to go your way.

Your dog is not human. Stop pretending and stop forcing the canine. Cross species love does not require submission from the less sovereign animal.

Stop trying to control everything.

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