Wednesday, September 28, 2005

O.C.D. and The New Yorker

While I wasn't looking, I became Obsessive-Compulsive about my New Yorker subscription.


1) Because I HATE to have ordered something made from all that paper and then have it come to the house only to throw it in the recycling bin.

2) And more importantly, WHAT WOULD I MISS IF I TOSSED ONE?

It's insane. Why be so focused on this one magazine? I can oddly forgive myself for feeling guilty about number one...since the planet is the planet and we have to have to have to conserve, but number 2? Because I'll miss something? I dont' get Mother Jones, Harper's or Atlantic. Nor do I subscribe to Popular Mechanics, National Beaver or Aging Queers with GERD. Clearly, I am missing tons of great articles written by tons of brilliant writers. And I don't pine.

Frankly, the idee fixe is an ugly thing and something I need to eschew.

New got two weeks...or you're tossed. I can't become one of those sad stackers.


Rebecca Waring said...

They have a website They keep about 6 months of issues online. So toss with confidence.

HelenBach said...

Yeah, but now he'll be obsessively going online and downloading articles and tidbits that he feels is more pc because it's on the computer and then he'll obsessively be reading the stuff off the screen and then his eyes will go bad and then he'll want to print it out anyway because it'll be easier to read......this is a hard one. I say: skip a month and see if the gerd gets better or worse.

Dan said...

You can borrow my National Beaver after I'm done with it.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

MY ADD won't let me make it through a New Yorker article... Well written and all but "too much information".

Anonymous said...

i just read it cover to cover when it comes in, in one sitting. is that obssesive?

Anonymous said...

You need a plan: Read the table of contents, all of the comics, the movie review, if it's one you might want to see, the book review, if it summarizes long and complex issues you want to know more about, but can't make it through the 1000-page book, the profile, if it's on someone sinister or famous, and anything about animals.