Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Fresh Out of Criticism

Today, I decided to pay attention to the input from my vision.

Most men are very vision oriented. I'm much more into sound.

So in an effort to just have a different take on things, I decided to stop listening and to stop thinking for a while so I could just look at stuff around me. It was very interesting. And quiet. I saw some cool things.

The maroon turban on the head of an Indian Cook on La Brea.

The strung, multi-colored Christmas lights above my head at the great neighborhood health restaurant.

The Easter Egg Blue paint of my bathroom, the line of the paint somewhat jagged at the white ceiling.

The silver and black dread lock hanging off my dog's ear.

The green and yellow colors of the icons of the software I used at my accounting job in Venice.

My State-of-California-Recognized-Domestic Partner, Adam's long blond hair.

The green of my sofa.

The best was the stark light at 7PM along Sycamore. The leaves of the trees are really dried out and yellowish-brown and the air has no moisture in it because of the Santa Anna thing going on. The light was not at all diffused, just sharp and brilliant.


HelenBach said...

I feel calmer having just read that.

Rebecca Waring said...

This sounds like the beginning of a really important shift.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Loooong blonde hair?