Friday, October 13, 2006

The Terror of the Age

Frankly, it’s the loss of the middle class that has really wacked this country out.

Everyone wants to be a star. Or, they’re addicted to crack. Or both.

Okay, perhaps living in Los Angeles, I have a terrible view of the social order.

But where will we be if we aren’t all moving toward the middle? Oddly, and I hate middlebrow stuff, but oddly, moving toward the middle is very stabilizing for any culture. And the more people are moving toward the middle, the more stable things get.

I would like to see us, as a nation, move in this direction.

I need to visit Missouri or somewhere else like that. Maybe it happens there. It isn’t happening here.


On another note---There were only ten people in the audience tonight for
The Fat of the Land. It went over so well. The actors were relaxed and had such a good time. The ten people were laughing out loud. And so, one must be grateful. "Isn't it amazing how everything works out?"

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that your play is still knocking em...

As for the middle thing? Please see that NYC receives an exemption...