Tuesday, January 02, 2007

January 2 is a tired Day

After weeks of flying, eating, buying, dining, drinking, eating, snacking, visiting and eating some more, the holidays finally end.

The Christmas tree is in the green can. (Green cans are for LA clippings. Blue-recycling. Black-Garbage. Can you imagine that meeting?)

Some bills are paid. Some are not.

The big question on January 2 is, “Can we get back to normal, now?”

Finally, for one day, you get to slow down (even though you are actually gearing up). The day has arrived when the whole shebang has been put away for another year. And you realize, “This holiday stuff is exhausting!”

And then you put on your work outfit.

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HelenBach said...

The other day I started going through some paperwork and 9 hours later I had completely scoured the apt. I even dusted. There was a complete necessity to throw things away and put the rest in order.
Anyway, glad the blog's back. Happy New Year.