Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I didn’t know anything about it, really. We saw ONCE.

I suggest you stop reading this blog entry right now. Come back and read the rest tomorrow after you see this movie tonight.


Okay, have you seen the movie yet?

My experience and thoughts:

Cried through most of it. Okay, I’m half Irish....and there’s the sentiment. But the best kind of sentiment.

And it’s a musical.

A pop one. Kind of light U2. Kind of Cat Stevens. Really good music, if you like the soft modal thing building into the high, searching mourning thing. Suspended chords. Aching stuff. The lead actor, Glen Hansard, is the main guy in the Irish band The Frames. He’s pretty amazing with his acting, singing and hair. And the Czech girl, Marketa Irglova. Also, amazing. She’s so young.

ONCE was made for four cents (okay, $150,000. But in movie terms, that’s like four cents). The story is completely simple but surprising, nevertheless. The acting is spot on perfect. Directing and Shots---spot on, too.

Come on. Really. Go see it if you jumped the asterisks and read this blog entry before seeing the movie. Lyrical. Loving. And the best part is, well, how it all goes...I don’t want to oversell it. I went in knowing nothing. So go in knowing nothing and just enjoy yourself.

I wish I suffered from polydactyl disease so I could give this movie three thumbs up.

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