Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A New Bottom Line

Though we are all used to the simplistic formula of counting profit when it comes to the bottom line, it is clearly time for a new bottom line.

Profit should make up a large portion, surely, since money is extremely countable and accountable.

But why not add other things into the mix using a scale that is weighted to the market? A number for sustainability, a number for healthfulness, a number for what-have-you…figure it out.

Let’s start THAT shadow economy. I would love a seat on that stock exchange.

The only reason why people act so greedy and moronic is because the agreed upon system is so outdated. People simply follow rules---because life, for most, is too hard to think about.

Elitists of the world---unite, please, and start the new economy. I’ll not print the money---but will happily help with the set up in any way I am capable.

Wholesale change is what I’m talking about. Like a revolution. Smart people can do it. We just have to do some fear mongering…about all the sick children with diabetes and the 1 out of every 166 babies born with autism and all that asthma.

A bottom line for life. Something like that.

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